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METIVE is a Chicago-based boutique marketing agency that provides clients with innovative marketing strategies. We create, manage, and track analytics of all our marketing campaigns so our clients can focus on what makes their business thrive. Founded in our core values, our way of thinking is not only strategic but energetic. We think outside the box in our campaigns and push to find new strategies for our clients. 

Marketing is something everybody needs in order to have a successful business but it is usually the last thought in managing one. That’s where METIVE comes in. Our philosophy is based on helping our clients grow into a marketing strategy organic to their business goals. 

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If you never ask yourself “why?” there won’t be an improvement. We take pride in constantly challenging ourselves to find new ideas that outshine those from before. Curiosity drives our campaigns.



Taking risks is in METIVE’s DNA. We don’t just want our clients to succeed- we want them to stand out as a frontrunner in their industry. We will always continue

to push the envelope with

what we do.



Without integrity, there is no trust. We take the time to build our relationships with our clients to create the perfect campaigns for their businesses. Getting to know and believe in their business matters to us.


See who makes us who we are at METIVE Marketing! These are the people that drive our core values.


Martin Petrov

Head of Operations

While studying at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Business, Martin began his experience in marketing through Chicago’s Pop and Hip-hop scene. He has represented several platinum-selling artists as well as 2 Grammy-nominated artists. Martin has also worked with the Chicago Hyperloop Project as a Marketing Analyst and Five 94’ Marketing Solutions as a Research and Strategy Specialist. Martin uses his studies and experiences with data science to focus on trends and analytics to further campaign growth.


Christian Apostolov

Head of Finance

Christian specializes in data analytics here at METIVE. He has a professional understanding of financial capital structures and experience using sophisticated data analysis software. His background in finance and computer programming enables him to fully maximize the value he can bring to organizations in their business ventures.

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